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Physics in Context
Copyright 2005 Interest Level: 9-12


This one-year physics course is an ideal option to increase student performance through contextual learning. Its’ goal is to break the “physics barrier” by helping both the middle majority and top 25% of students learn physics. Students explore how physics applies to real-life situations while developing the problem-solving skills that are necessary in today’s workforce.

" Physics in Context or Principles of Technology? Which course is right for your students? click here.

Contains over 40 classroom-proven, interactive, hands-on labs.
The four energy systems of Mechanical, Electrical, Thermal, and Fluid are integrated throughout each chapter.
Uses contextual learning as its’ foundation by focusing on solving real-world problems.
Internet links at and computerized CD-ROM provide additional course enhancements.
Includes optional computer interfacing and electronic data collection via sensors, and probes.
Career links are featured throughout the student text to show students where specific physics concepts are used in real-life occupations

Developed through a collaboration between CORD and Energy Concepts, Inc.

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1. The Prime Movers
2. Work
3. Rate
4. Resistance
5. Energy
6. Power
7. Momentum
8. Optical Systems
9. Radiation
10. Waves & Vibrations

Online English to Spanish Glossary - Click link to print

State Correlations

Principles of Technology: Texas Supplemental Material

This is FREE download to all Physics In Context users in Texas. This supplemental material is written to help enhance material for end of course exams. To download:

1. Click on the link above

2. Save the Zip file to a folder on your computer

3. Extract the material

4. In the folder, click the file name: index.html

This will allow easy navigation through the material. Please allow several minutes for the download to complete.

Hardcover Student Text
Software Generated Assessment
Teacher Guide (free with first 25 student texts)
Physics in Context Teacher Guide CD-ROM
Student Journal (reproducible)
Student Lab Manual (Old ISBN#1-55756-185-0)
Lab Manual Instructor Guide Teacher Guide (Old ISBN#1-55756-368-3)

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