CORD Geometry, Third Edition

Interest Level : 7-10

Copyright 2009

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But how do you reach students who don’t see the point of mathematics?

CORD Geometry: Learning In Context, Third Edition, continues the proven method of using real-world applications to bring math to life for students. Hands-on applications, including workplace exercises, and lab activities help concrete learners build a strong foundation for success. The math content is rigorous, yet developed in a way that all students can learn and succeed, regardless of learning style.






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  1. Discovering Geometry
  2. Reasoning and Proof
  3. Triangle Theorems
  4. Similar Triangles
  5. Right Triangles
  6. Polygons and Quadrilaterals
  7. Coordinate Geometry
  8. Perimeter and Area
  9. Circles
  10. Surface Area and Volume
  11. Transformational Geometry


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978-1-57837-436-6 Geometry Lab Data Sheets $61.97
978-1-57837-437-3 Geometry Software Generated Assessment $192.97
978-1-57837-438-0 Geometry Teachers Ancillaries on CD-ROM $149.97
978-1-57837-439-7 Geometry Proof Supplement $61.97
978-1-57837-561-5 Geometry Technology Lab Supplement $72.97
978-1-57837-630-0 Geometry Lesson Plans on CD-ROM $61.97
978-1-57837-685-8 Student Edition On-line Subscription $71.97


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