Bridges to Algebra and Geometry, 3rd edition – the textbook that helps form a solid mathematical foundation before advancing to algebra and geometry. *Buy 1, Get 2 Free* Actual shipping charges will apply. Sale price good through July 20, 2018.
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About CORD Communications

CORD Communications serves the educational market by providing quality products and services designed to improve student achievement by integrating active learning into academic and career and technology classrooms.

Company Description

CORD Communications strives to empower educators to implement contextual learning in the classroom. CORD Communications is affiliated with CORD, the leading educational change agency, and accomplishes its purpose by marketing and disseminating programs developed by CORD and others.

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CORD Communications provides secondary and postsecondary mathematics courses, secondary and postsecondary physics, secondary biology/chemistry, and postsecondary lasers textbooks. Supplementary materials include chapter resource books, interactive mathematics software, project kits, and online access to textbooks and other materials.