CORD Algebra 1, Third Edition

Interest Level : 9-10

Copyright 2009

High school graduation requirements are becoming more and more challenging for today’s students. The real challenge for schools is reaching those students who need to see the “real world” relevance of the math before they can learn it and be successful.

CORD’s Algebra 1 : Learning In Context, Third Edition, remains the primary tool for the contextual teaching approach. By combining new rigorous math content and a hands-on approach through real-world applications, you reach more students and more students succeed.






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Contextual Mathematics
The Way Students Learn Best

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  1. Operations, Expressions and Equations
  2. Measurement
  3. Solving Equations
  4. Linear Equations
  5. Nonlinear Functions
  6. Probability
  7. Statistics
  8. Systems of Equations
  9. Inequalities
  10. Polynomials and Factors
  11. Quadratic Equations and Functions
  12. Rational Functions
  13. Right Triangle Relationships


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978-1-57837-425-0 Algebra 1 Comprehensive Student Edition $73.97
978-1-57837-426-7 Algebra 1 Teachers Wrap Edition $99.97
978-1-57837-427-4 Algebra 1 Chapter Resource Book $93.97
978-1-57837-428-1 Algebra 1 Lab Data Sheets $61.97
978-1-57837-429-8 Algebra 1 Software Generated Assessment $192.97
978-1-57837-430-8 Algebra 1 Teacher Ancillaries on CD-ROM $140.97
978-1-57837-431-1 Algebra 1 Student Edition, Volume 1 $36.97
978-1-57837-432-8 Algebra 1 Student Edition, Volume 2 $36.97
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978-1-57837-629-7 Algebra 1 Lesson Plans on CD-ROM $61.97
978-1-57837-684-x Algebra 1 Student Edition On-line Subscription $70.97

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