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Order Form

Click here for a printable copy of our order form. Please refer to "When You Order" for instructions on completing the form.

We will no longer sell accesses to teacher materials without the purchase of a classroom of student materials.

When You Order

Please include the following information with your order:

  1. Shipping address: the complete name, street address, and phone number of your school or school district, including zip code or locally required postal code.
  2. Billing address, if different
  3. Name and title of the person who will use this material.
  4. Full title and ISBN for each item, as given in this catalog.
  5. We accept Purchase Orders by fax or mail only.  Please estimate shipping and handling at 12%. Please mail to the following address:
    • CORD Communications
    • P.O. Box 21689
    • Waco, Texas 76702-1689        or Fax to (254) 776-3906

Note: Mailing or faxing of confirmations is not required and may result in duplication of orders.

Textbook Review Policy

We are happy to provide evaluation copies of our product line to qualified faculty, provided the product is being considered for course adoption.  For curricula where modules or units are applicable, limit one teacher's guide per module set per curriculum.  Please note that our review policy does not apply to any Software Generated Assessments. Please call customer relations at 254-741-8334 for details or click here to submit the online request form.


Prices on this website are effective June 1, 2018. They are subject to change without notice. All orders will be filled at prices current on receipt of your order. Prices on this website are F.O.B. shipping point (Publisher's Warehouse). Our terms are net 30 days upon receipt of shipment.

Transportation and Handling

To ensure prompt delivery of your books, please place orders as early as possible. Transportation charges are paid by the buyer. Please request rush shipments ONLY when speed is essential. Shipments other than United Parcel Service (UPS) ground are 5% plus actual shipping. All orders are subject to approximately 12% combined shipping and handling charge. A minimum of $7.00 shipping and handling applies to all orders. Rates based on shipments in the continental United States. Request for special handling will be more. Handling charges are prepaid and added to the invoice. State and local taxes will be added where they apply.

Note: If you choose a shipping source that does not have a package tracking system, CORD Communications will not reship your materials unless they are paid for again.

Orders for Individuals

All orders must be accompanied by payment unless they are on a purchase order from a school district, organization, or institution. Individuals in Texas, please add local and/or state taxes, and enclose payment. You also have the option of purchasing through this website using your credit card.

You may pay by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card. With credit card orders, please include full card number and expiration date.


Please check your shipment when it arrives, BEFORE stamping or marking. Unmarked, unstamped materials in usable condition may be returned within 90 days for credit WITH PRIOR AUTHORIZATION.

For authorization to return materials, please call 254-741-8334, fax 254-776-3906, email at details@cordcommunications.com, or write CORD Communications, P.O. Box 21689, Waco, Texas 76702-1689. Your request should include: Invoice number, titles to be returned, ISBNs, and quantity.

Upon authorization, CORD Communications Customer Service Personnel will fax you a return confirmation. All returns must be shipped prepaid. To ensure proper credit to your account, please do not return any materials until authorization from CORD Communications has been received. CORD Communications cannot be responsible for any losses or damage incurred in return shipments and suggest that you return your materials through a source that offers a parcel tracking system and insurance. Freight and express shipments are normally insured by the carrier.

For product information, pricing, customer service, or to place an order, call or fax:

1-254-741-8334      Fax: 254-776-3906
CORD Communications
P.O. Box 21689
Waco, Texas 76702-1689

International Customers Only

All prices on this website are for the U.S. market in U.S. dollars. International Pricing may vary. Some items shown may not be available for international sale. 

Due to overseas shipping costs, we are not able to offer discounts to our overseas customers

All orders that are not in the Continental United States must be prepaid in U.S. dollars.  We accept credit cards, wire transfers and checks if they are written on a U.S. bank.  If you send a check, the check must clear before we will send the merchandise. The Shipping and Handling for all orders not in the Continental United States has a 5% handling fee, plus the actual shipping charge. You may fax your credit card number to 254-776-3906, or mail a check.

If you would like to use the wire transfer option, we will forward your request to our accounting department for processing information.

We always recommend shipping through a source that can track packages. If you choose the Global Priority Mail, (part of the United States Postal Service) and your order does not arrive, we will be unable to resend your materials unless they are paid for again.

All of our products are copyrighted.  For detailed copyright information contact details@cordcommunications.com.